ProSelect Periodontal Therapy System

The Pro-Select is a state-of-the-art ultrasonic scaler that significantly reduces the need for hand instrumentation, plus an irrigation system, in one compact unit. Pro-Select Periodontal Therapy Systems provide a 3-step approach to the prevention, treatment and control of periodontal disease by combining ultrasonics, ultrasonics with medicaments (flouride & antibiotic rinse) in a heated sub gingival irrigation delivery system.

The Pro-Select unit is so gentle that it can even be used for deep cleaning and gum therapy without the need for anesthesia. Having your teeth cleaned with a Pro-Select ultrasonic scaler is a safe effective and painless alternative to traditional cleaning methods. The Pro-Select:

  • Is faster than traditional teeth cleaning methods
  • A pleasant alternative to hand scaling
  • Reduces the need for anesthesia for most patients
  • Delivers desensitizing agents during use
  • Is effective for use on all adults – not just periodontal patients

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