The Root ZX Apex Locator

When a root canal is needed, one of the clinical challenges for dentists is to accurately determine the length of each tooth canal. The Root ZX Apex Locator has set the standard for accuracy and patient safety, by precisely locating the position of the file inside the root canal. The Root ZX Apex Locator’s advanced super computer microprocessor calibrates automatically, and provides Dr. Oliverie valuable diagnostic information during the root canal procedure. The Root ZX Apex Locator:

  • Is much more precise than traditional x-rays
  • Drastically cuts down usage of x-rays and radiation
  • Ensures nearly 100% cleaning of the canal
  • Provides feedback to Dr. Oliverie if there are any complications
  • Allows most root canals to be completed in one sitting
  • Reduces chair and procedure time
  • Helps insure accuracy and treatment success

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If you have questions about the Root ZX Apex Locator, please contact Oliverie Dental for more information.

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